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COVID-19 and Emergency School Closure:


Dear Parent / Carer,
The Learning Partnership Trust, covering Hatfield Heath, Takeley and Roseacres, confirm that our schools will remain open only for the children of critical workers and vulnerable children to attend on site as a result of the national lockdown. All other pupils and students will receive remote education until February half term and must remain at home, in line with national guidance.
This letter follows the guidance received by the Trust from Essex.
This lockdown decision does not suggest that schools and colleges are no longer safe places for your children. Instead, limiting attendance is about reducing the number of contacts that all of us have with people in other households.
We understand this will not be welcome news for many parents and carers but it is absolutely essential if we are to successfully protect the NHS and reduce the transmission of the virus.
Children of critical workers
Schools are remaining open to the children of workers who are critical to the COVID19 response and EU transition, who are unable to safely stay at home.
In order to comply with lockdown rules, we need to ensure that the number of children accessing the offer of provision in our schools is kept to the lowest number possible. Therefore, even if you are a critical worker, if your children can safely and sensibly remain at home rather than attend school, on some or all days, then they should.
Please only use the offer of provision when it is crucial for you to undertake your critical role. We will be asking each Thursday for a list of when your children will need to attend the following week. Please make every effort to respond as these lists will be essential for planning purposes.
Note: for Takeley Primary school, the above is a change from previously advised practice, in the light of a review against updated guidance received and what the school can now offer.
The list of critical workers can be found here:
www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational- provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining- educational-provision
Vulnerable children and young people – including those with education, health and care plans or a social worker
If your child has an education, health and care (EHC) plan and/or an allocated social worker they may attend their school full time. If you do decide to keep your children at home and you need additional support, please contact your school and they will work with the local authority to support you.
The DfE definition of vulnerable children and young people who can access their school or college can be found here: www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational- provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining- educational-provision
We thank you for your continued support of our schools, and your compliance with the wider national restrictions in place. Together we all play our part to protect ourselves, our staff, those around us, and the NHS.
Diane Hancock and John Clements
Chair and CEO of TLPT

PARTIAL OPENING for Critical Worker and Vulnerable Children Only from 4 January 2020: Risk Assessment:

Following the significant increases in the national pandemic: Covid-19, brought about largely by the new highly transmissible variant we are once again only able to partially open as for all schools nationally. Due to the very late notice of this closure at 8pm on Monday 4 January there has been an inevitable delay in the formal release of a detailed risk assessment and opening plans as we have had to immediately react to the very short notice given. Those details have been shared via our Class Dojo app and for key information via ParentMail too. These details will be merged into the new documentation to enable continuity.  The Risk Assessment below is in draft format and waits approval from our Local Governing Body (LGB). If you have comments for us to consider please e-mail head@takeley-pri.essex.sch.uk . Much of the information contained related to safety remain the same or similar; 'Hands - Face - Space' with the key change being the significant reduction of numbers in school. For the latest information please log onto your account at www.classdojo.com.

Risk Assessment:

Remote Learning Statement:

Please visit the new 'Remote Learning' section of the school website for further details and support: Takeley Primary School - Remote Learning (takeley-pri.essex.sch.uk)

Parent Guidance:

NHS Covid-19 app: 24 September 2020:

Letter to parents and guardians from Public Health England: 23 September 2020:

NHS Local Authority advice and guidance on COVID-19 symptoms: 21 September 2020:

Please find below a very useful document from the local authority. They have collated commonly asked questions from parents along with the answers.

In short, if your child is unwell and exhibiting anyone of the key symptoms of COVID-19;
a) A high temperature; now defined as 38C or above OR
b) A new, continuous dry cough; means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if they usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual) OR
c) A loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste.

This is regardless of additional symptoms pointing to another cause (including a cold), should be self-isolated and tested.

Children without any of the above symptoms should not be tested.

If you are not sure call NHS 111 or use their website;  https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Please stay safe

Covid-19 symptom parental support tool September 2020