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Welcome to our school curriculum area!

We have now completed the long term plans for each year group for each term. Please visit your child's year group page from the drop down list under the 'Our Curriculum' tab above. Please do note that this is our first year of publication, so consider these plans as our first draft as these will be reviewed annually for each term. 

Much of the learning has been grouped together under a project based approach so that children are better able to link their learning together for a real purpose. The project is divided into three phases;
1) Inspire and motivate; to capture children's imagination, curiosity and interest,
2) Learning specifics; skills, knowledge or understanding needed to support their project
3) Apply and Share; using what they have learnt for a real purpose and for a real audience
Naturally not all areas of the statutory national curriculum will fit together within their project and will be taught as discrete subjects to ensure children get their entitlement and meet the standards expected of them.

To help supplement the curriculum we pick and mix the best bits from a variety of schemes. In phonics much of the children's learning is supported by the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme. In reading for our reception children and Year 1 the 'Oxford Reading Tree' scheme is used to provide a progressive structure. In Year 2 the 'Usboune Young Reading Series' is used to further develop reading, with Collins 'Big Cat' being used for those children that need greater structure in Year 3. In years 4, 5 and 6 we have just introduced children and parents to the 'Scholastic Reading Pro' scheme which offers online access including e-books. This we aim to roll out across both key stage 1 and into year 3 to provide continuity and consistency across the school. In Mathematics the 'White Rose' scheme is used to support progression and consistency across both key stage 1 and 2. 'Switched on Science' is used to supplement our own units of work in that subject across the school from years 1 through to year 6.

If you would like to know more about your child's curriculum please do not hesitate to ask their class teacher who will be able to answer your questions. 

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Christmas Lunch: 12 December 2018

Sports Week: June 2018

It is with great thanks to Miss Sam Wotton and Mr Jack Sykes for organising so well this years’ events, along with all the external companies that came out to run ‘Bounce’ (Bounce Fit Body), ‘Cricket’ (HECC), ‘Hockey’ (Scott Traveller Academy) and ‘Dance’ (Rascals) along with a big thank you to Herts Young Mariners Base (HYMB) for hosting our Year 6 children for the day.

Below we present a few pictures for some of the events that were held:

Our morning warm-ups...

Monday saw us 'Bounce'...

Key Stage 1 Water challenges...

Friday finished the week with Sports Day...

...and a very competitive high jump competition.

Congratulations to all and a well done to ‘Green’ house for winning the EYFS/Key Stage 1 sports day and to ‘Blue’ house for winning the Key Stage 2 sports day.

World Book Week: March 2018

The children celebrated book week with a focus on 'Traditional Tales'. 'Little Red Riding Hood' was the focus for children's writing with each year group having to re-tell the story in a different way;

     Year 1 children re-told then performed the tale;

     Year 2 wrote the tale as a newspaper report;

     Year 3 wrote the story from the wolf's perspective;

     Year 4 retold the tale as a poem

     Year 5 wrote the sequel to 'Little Red Riding Hood'

     Year 6 re-told the story as a dual narrative.

Children also engaged in a themed non-uniform day, a big read with the older children going to read with our younger ones, decorating their classroom door to celebrate a traditional tale and despite the interruption of snow we were also able to host a book sale event. 

Please see below a selection of pictures from the week. More are available on each year groups' page.