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Welcome to our school curriculum area! This is currently work in progress and has been developing over the year.

Please keep an eye on this area of the school website, including the drop down links to each year group. We will publish our school curriculum here giving details of our new 'project' based approach, along with what the children will be learning in each subject over the year and term by term.


Pupil Surveys:

Please click on the 'EES for Schools' logo below to open up a short survey that will gather your views. These views do not hold any personal details but are anonymous and are not shared with any other third party providers. The overall outcomes from a variety of surveys to parents, staff, governors and importantly children will be used to help support our school improvement plans for next year and beyond. Your views are important in helping to shape our future. Thank you.

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World Book Week: March 2018

The children celebrated book week with a focus on 'Traditional Tales'. 'Little Red Riding Hood' was the focus for children's writing with each year group having to re-tell the story in a different way;

     Year 1 children re-told then performed the tale;

     Year 2 wrote the tale as a newspaper report;

     Year 3 wrote the story from the wolf's perspective;

     Year 4 retold the tale as a poem

     Year 5 wrote the sequel to 'Little Red Riding Hood'

     Year 6 re-told the story as a dual narrative.

Children also engaged in a themed non-uniform day, a big read with the older children going to read with our younger ones, decorating their classroom door to celebrate a traditional tale and despite the interruption of snow we were also able to host a book sale event. 

Please see below a selection of pictures from the week. More are available on each year groups' page.