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A Tour of Reception:

Welcome to Reception:

Please watch the video below to find out all about our wonderful provision for the children's first year at Takeley Primary School.

EYFS Policy:
Below is a copy of our policy to support teachers and parents understand our approach to learning in this early years setting.

'Target Tracker Link'.

'Target Tracker Link' has now been launched and made available to all those parents who have signed up to the scheme. This enables you to view some of your child's observations. These observations include pictures that have been taken in their lessons that help to capture what your child has been learning.

Please log on via this link;


Select the 'Home Login' and enter your username that you would have received by e-mail via the administrator site after you registered with us at the school. If you have lost or forgotten your username please contact the school office who will be able to help. Passwords are set up by parents at their first log in. If these have been forgotten please let us know as we maybe able to help or re-set up your account.

Annual Curriculum Overview;

Example Timetable;

Long Term Planning;

Please find below PDF documents that summarise the key areas that your child will be learning over each term. Much of the learning has been grouped together under a project based approach so that children are better able to link their  learning together for a real purpose. The project is divided into three phases;

1) Inspire and motivate; to capture children's imagination, curiosity and interest,

2) Learning specifics; skills, knowledge or understanding needed to support their project

3) Apply and Share; using what they have learnt for a real purpose and for a real audience

Naturally not all areas of the statutory national curriculum will fit together within their project and will be taught as discrete subjects to ensure children get their entitlement and meet the standards expected of them.

Autumn Term...


Spring Term...


Summer Term...


Please note that to view the document in full either download it, or by using the various tools embedded in the document page you can change its size and have the document appear in full; however this will vary according to the web browser that you are using.

Spring 2019: Fairy Tales:

Our reception classes have been learning all about Fairy Tales and Fairy Tale characters over the first half of the Spring term. To help conclude their project 'History off the Page' came to visit us setting up a whole variety of stations in the hall to try to create activities that might be found within a Fairy Tale castle. Of course this gave a perfect excuse for children (and adults!) to dress up and get into role! Do you recognise any of the characters? Below are a few photographs that have tried to capture a part of their day...

Which Fairytale characters can you spot?..