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Year 1

Annual Curriculum Overview;

Example Timetable;

Long Term Planning;
Please find below PDF documents that summarise the key areas that your child will be learning over each term. Much of the learning has been grouped together under a project based approach so that children are better able to link their learning together for a real purpose. The project is divided into three phases;
1) Inspire and motivate; to capture children's imagination, curiosity and interest,
2) Learning specifics; skills, knowledge or understanding needed to support their project
3) Apply and Share; using what they have learnt for a real purpose and for a real audience

Naturally not all areas of the statutory national curriculum will fit together within their project and will be taught as discrete subjects to ensure children get their entitlement and meet the standards expected of them.

Autumn Term...


Spring Term...


Summer Term...


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Summer term Multi-sports at Felsted.

Well done to all our Year 1 children, who on Friday 8 June visited Felsted Primary School to take part in a multi-sport event designed to challenge their skills of speed, balance, agility, co-ordination and most importantly teamwork. A great afternoon had by all.

Takeley Year 1 classrooms over run by wild beasts!!!!

Pancake Day 2019: