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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (including Sex and Relationship Education)

PSHE is a statutory part of the National Curriculum and in turn our school curriculum. PSHE is unique in the sense that it is not a standalone subject but spans across a range of subjects notably; Science, Physical Education, English and Mathematics, but also key in any group work or where children work or play together or through themes covered in Assemblies. Below we set out our vision through the subject statement and our curriculum content through an overview map that uses and adapts the PSHE Association's scheme of work;  'Programme Builders for PSHE Education'.

CONSULTATION: If you would like to make any comments about our RSE policy, please send an email to and mark the subject as ‘Feedback on RSE Policy’ by the end of autumn half-term; 22nd October 2021. Thank you

RSE Policy for consultation

Subject statement

Knowledge and Skills Organiser

Takeley uses the PSHE Association 'Programme Builders for PSHE Education' scheme of work to ensure breadth, depth, continuity and progression in children's learning. As this is a paid for published resource we are unable to publish it on our website. If you wish to find out more please visit their website: PSHE Association | Charity and membership body for PSHE education ( Please see our curriculum map below and the relevant policies on this page.

Curriculum Overview Map

Health Education Policy