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Following advise from the Government, Takeley will be closed for the foreseeable future as a measure to help reduce the impact of Covid-19. The school is open to the children of 'key workers' which includes all NHS staff, police, armed forces, fire services, supermarket delivery drivers and of course teachers (a more extensive list is included within the letter to parents below - 'School Closure: provision at Takeley'). The school is also available to children who have EHC plans and to those families who have social workers attached. All other children will be expected to take part, as best as possible in activities set by their teachers each day on www.classdojo.com, where teachers will also be available during the school day to help support and answer any queries if and when they occur. Do please be patient as they can only respond to one parent at a time.

A key site that we have available to support and provide some structure and resources to children's learning can be found at;


It is with many thanks to the Robin Hood Multi-Academy Trust for providing such support. Should teachers themselves become unwell and are unable to provide guidance, then the above link will provide some self-help to provide some structure for your child. You will notice that when you follow the link you will be faced with a simple menu organised by a) EYFS b) Key Stage 1 c) Key Stage 2; Years 3/4 and Key Stage 2; Years 5/6. Then a series of pdf documents to download and use from week 1 through to week 7. Although there is a sequence here it is not essential that you have to follow these in order. It may be wise to scroll through a few and select the tasks and related resource links to those areas you feel are most useful and interesting. Please note that some tasks children may find challenging, this is perfectly normal and ok. It is ok for children to make mistakes and to try challenging things. Do feel free to visit our 'Growth Mindset' page at www.takeley-pri.essex.sch.uk/children/growth-mindset. Watch some of the videos starring Katie and Mojo and discuss these through with your child focusing on 'Now that is an interesting question indeed?' that each video leaves the audience with.

Another place to find resources is at; https://thenationalcurriculum.com/learning-at-home/. Do please note that this is a commercial site that tends to link you to companies that sell educational products e.g. Amazon. We cannot endorse any of the products promoted or for sale due to the large number available, please read any reviews available to help you make your decision, and be mindful there are also a lot of good free online resources from other sites available out there too.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to the BBC Bitesize sites, along with those websites regularly used in school. You should have received a copy of the children's passwords from your class teacher. If not please contact them directly via our 'Class Dojo' app.

If you would like some help and guidance about trying to keep your child fit and healthy over this period please visit http://plprimarystars.com/. With many thank to Danny at Little Canfield Stars for this top tip.

School Closure: provision at Takeley from 6th July.

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We have now completed our first draft of a much needed review and update of our school ‘Homework Policy’. This has been completed by the school’s leadership team. We have tried to clarify the purpose and aims of homework here at Takeley, so it has a better impact on learning in key areas, while also reflecting and recognising the need and use of online homework in the 21st century. A key standout point we have added includes the recognition of a ‘work-life’ balance for children to aid their mental health, so that we will be moving towards not setting any homework over the weekend, to enable and recognise the importance of ‘family’ time, along with the essential time for children to have their own interests and hobbies at weekends so that they are able to rest and unwind ready for the following week. A copy of this policy is available to view on the school website under ‘Our Curriculum’ and the ‘Homework’ sub-section. This policy is soon to go to the teaching staff for comment and further possible review. If you have any comments please send them via e-mail to admin@takeley-pri.essex.sch.uk or alternatively leave a comment on the notice given via our ‘ClassDojo’ app. The time period for parents to comment close at the end of this Spring term, so that it can then move to our Governing Body and then that of the Academy trust for approval for the start of the next academic year. However, you may already have noticed that a number of teachers have already been trialling certain aspects of this new policy.

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