Takeley Primary School

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We have now completed our first draft of a much needed review and update of our school ‘Homework Policy’. This has been completed by the school’s leadership team. We have tried to clarify the purpose and aims of homework here at Takeley, so it has a better impact on learning in key areas, while also reflecting and recognising the need and use of online homework in the 21st century. A key standout point we have added includes the recognition of a ‘work-life’ balance for children to aid their mental health, so that we will be moving towards not setting any homework over the weekend, to enable and recognise the importance of ‘family’ time, along with the essential time for children to have their own interests and hobbies at weekends so that they are able to rest and unwind ready for the following week. A copy of this policy is available to view on the school website under ‘Our Curriculum’ and the ‘Homework’ sub-section. This policy is soon to go to the teaching staff for comment and further possible review. If you have any comments please send them via e-mail to admin@takeley-pri.essex.sch.uk or alternatively leave a comment on the notice given via our ‘ClassDojo’ app. The time period for parents to comment close at the end of this Spring term, so that it can then move to our Governing Body and then that of the Academy trust for approval for the start of the next academic year. However, you may already have noticed that a number of teachers have already been trialling certain aspects of this new policy.